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Sisal - Why a MUST for every cat?

As a cat owner, already at the beginning of the adoption of a cat can not do without a scratching post. Every cat tree consists -as a matter of course- partly or even almost entirely of sisal. Also for the production of cat toys - like at BALOU Petshop - and scratching boards more and more sisal is used. What exactly is behind it and why is sisal used for the production of scratching posts and all cat toys?


First of all, let's look at the origin and properties of sisal:

Sisal is a natural resource obtained from so-called sisal fibers, from sisal agave leaves. Agave plants require a dry climate, so they are increasingly grown in Brazil. Sisal fibers are extremely durable and resistant, antistatic and recyclable. Due to its many positive properties, sisal is used - in addition to its use for carpets - for ropes, cords, yarns, as an upholstery backing and for the manufacture of mattress protectors.

As many of us know, of course, our furry noses are big fans of sisal, so it's simply impossible to imagine a cat owner's household without it. Why is that?

· Sisal helps the cat to remove the scaly top layer of the claws, so that the ingrowing of the cat's claws is prevented. Furthermore, it sharpens their claws, so that they can wonderfully pursue their natural instinct - catching.

· When chewing, the teeth can be cleaned by the extremely robust and fibrous material. Since sisal is grown organically and not chemically treated, it is harmless if your cat chews on your cat scratching post.

· The biological cultivation of sisal does not cause allergic reactions and is very suitable for cats that eat especially hyperallergenic food for playing.

· Sisal is antistatic. This means that neither when scratching nor when "brushing past" the fur, the cat's hairs become electrically charged.

· Sisal provides no viable space for fleas and mites, making your pet cat and you super happy :-)

oys made of sisal:

We at BALOU Petshop would also like to use the natural material for the production of our products, due to its many positive properties. Currently, we have released the BIBI - cat broom stick for interactive fun between you and your pet. More toys will follow in the coming weeks, so there is a wide selection of sisal products to choose from as well.

Author: Balou Petshop / Karina Hollain

Balou Petshop stands for sustainable cat toys and sustainable cat products.

Date: 21.10.2021


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