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Home office with cat: How to stay productive!

Home office is incredibly convenient for working people in many ways. You save on commuting to work, you can sleep longer, and you can complete your tasks in comfort while wearing comfortable clothes.


As we have learned in the last two and a half COVID pandemic years, home office is also inconvenient in many situations and also brings disadvantages, in terms of childcare or the lack of personal communication with work colleagues.

However, what about when there are cats in the house? It is our constant companion when we are cozy on the couch, on the toilet, in the shower and since COVID even at work. Cats don't know the difference between "Now I'm working - so please don't disturb" and "Yay, I'm home and therefore always there for you". They are overjoyed to see you and enjoy your presence. And what would be ideal? Of course, if you would give the whole day your attention to your dear fur noses. For this very reason, they need to attract your attention by making noises, scratching on chairs or jumping on your keyboard. Together, the following tips can help you create an exciting and productive workday in your home office:

1. Planning your home office day is the be-all and end-all

Your cat is incredibly grateful for every single minute of attention. Playing and cuddling before work, during breaks and after work can satisfy your cat's needs at least somewhat.

2. Provide enough food and clean water.

The feeding station of your furry noses must of course not only be filled up and freshly equipped on "normal" working days, but also in the home office. This way you avoid hungry bellies and jittery cats.

3. Have suitable toys ready

The cat trap should perhaps not be used during work, as you are an active play partner in the whole hunting process. Balls of any kind make a wonderful quick and easy way to keep your cat away from your work space. Catnips filled with catnip or valerian can distract your cat during the shredding process.

Tip: Our Wool Balls can wonderfully prompt your kitten to run. Also our GINGER linen pillows distract the pelt-nose from you.

4. Protect your desk

Cats like to explore your entire workspace and jump onto your computer from time to time. To avoid technical faux pas, a keyboard protector is a good idea so your cat can't accidentally turn off your computer or send confused emails to your work colleagues.

5. Put door stopper, close cat flap.

Many cats have acquired the ability to open a door intelligently. They jump on the door handle and then open the entrance to your office with their paw. So that this does not happen, doorstops which are additionally set up are suitable. Of course, this is only possible to the extent that the door stop is positioned inwards. Cat flaps should be functionally i.d.R. so adjustable that the flap locks the entrance.

Tip: Our BIG BALL can serve not only as a doorstop, but also as a scratching element against boredom!

6. Thought about a second cat?

You have always flirted with a second cat? Now would be the ideal time - as far as of course all conditions for moving in a second cat are fulfilled - to get a second kitten. Cats are not (as assumed) loners but like to be in other cat company. With the mutual employment you are first of all outside and thus you are not disturbed.

7. Secure balcony and give free run.

Cats love to run free. If you have a balcony or a garden, which you normally only make "nutzar" for your fur noses under supervision, so a consideration of a balcony or garden security for your cat by fences and nets would be conceivable. In the home office you can let them out into the fresh air with a clear conscience, so that they are very well occupied with themselves, especially in good weather.

8. Establish routines and integrate petting while working.

Routines at work can help keep your cat happy in terms of attention. Once you can take a "listener" role on conference calls and not actively participate in the moderation, your cat can be petted on your lap. Also, giving snacks in smaller break slots can keep reminding your cat that you haven't forgotten him and will be available for him again soon.

9. Provide a resting area next to the desk.

Often cats will compromise by placing a second chair or basket next to your desk. That way, your cat knows it's wanted in that spot. Ideally, the lounging area will be placed so that you can pet it occasionally and give it some love.

Author: Balou Petshop / Karina Hollain

Balou Petshop stands for sustainable cat toys and sustainable cat products.

Date: 26.04.2022


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