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Cat toys and sustainability - is that even possible?

The pronounced hunting behavior of a cat can be easily activated with the help of cat toys in your own four walls. In particular, cat fishing rods are ideal for instinctive hunting and give our furry noses great pleasure.

Bildquelle: Katze im Karton / - 12.10.2021

However, when playing, one or the other toy gets shredded relatively quickly. This is not only very annoying for our velvet paws, but continuously burdens Meowmy's wallet. For this reason, we at BALOU PETSHOP have developed a sustainable carabiner cat fishing rod - with replaceable tags. As soon as the Änhänger becomes unusable or simply too boring: no problem! Here a new pendant can be attached immediately and the playing can continue.

7 Tips for the sustainable use of cat toys

  1. Do not immediately dispose of the unusable cat fishing rod, but simply replace the tag with a new one. The fishing rod from BALOU PETSHOP is already equipped with a carabiner for such cases.

  2. You've made several online orders, received a lot of packaging material and your paper garbage can is already overflowing? Not bad! Cats love cardboard boxes. Just cut holes in the boxes and stick a wooden stick out and in between. The kitties are just crazy about it!

  3. Bubble wrap is a hit for the little claws!

  4. On autumnal days like these, you are welcome to bring chestnuts to play with. The rounder the better :-)

  5. Your cat loves various noises? Simply crumple a used newspaper into a ball. This rustles and rolls wonderfully through the apartment.

  6. Build a cardboard castle out of packing material, shoe boxes, empty toilet paper rolls and crumpled waste paper. Here the kitties can go in search of snacks.

  7. You don't like your peacock feather decoration or your pampas grass anymore? Use them as cat fishing rods! Cats love shaggy and fluffy things to catch.

Editorial department: Karina Hollain / Balou Petshop

Balou Petshop stands for sustainable cat toys and sustainable cat products.



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