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Can my cat get COVID?

The current events regarding COVID-19 are keeping the entire world population on its toes. For more than two years now, we have been fighting together in this pandemic situation against the spread of the coronavirus. The first empirical data regarding the risk of infection and possible infection scenarios are already known. However, what about the transmission of the virus from humans to our beloved pets? Can our cats contract Corona?

The Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute (FLI) is dealing with exactly this issue.

The answer is yes. There is ample evidence and study proof confirming that cats are likely to have contracted Corona from infected individuals in their own household.

If you have been infected with Corona and your cat has symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, coughing or shallow breathing, there is a good chance that your cat may also have contracted Corona. As in humans, however, there are symptom-free courses in cats. If it is indeed a Corona infection, your pet should remain in the household and cure in quarantine in isolation. The FLI also recommends that outdoor cats remain in quarantine at home and not be placed in cat boarding facilities or even euthanized as a "precautionary measure". Please pay attention to the general hygiene measures in the household.


This causality exists only in one direction - from humans to cats. Currently, the FLI assumes that there is no risk for humans to be infected by a cat. This is good news so far.

If you have been infected with Corona, try to protect your pet from Corona by separating it as much as possible.

Author: Karina Hollain / BALOU Petshop

Date: 17.01.2022

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