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The purrfect Gift for your cat.



Your favourite products.

Lass dich gemeinsam mit deinen pelzigen Freunden auf eine spannende Spielextase ein.

Für jeden Katzentyp ist etwas dabei.


Balou is a great inspirer of the whole Petshop. Like other cat owners, naturalness and high quality cat products are super important to us. Unfortunately, this doesn't always apply to cat toys.


We especially love cat fishing rods in the form of feathers. Balou is very occupied with his feathers the whole day and keeps his pawrents very busy. Unfortunately, the toys offered on the market, healthwise for not always particularly suitable, since these are often unnatural, plastic-rich and questionably smell-intensive. Since Balou has spent many intensive hours with his ,,Discounter''-products - slobbered, licked and pulled with his little mouth often artificial materials.


Furthermore, a large part of our toys ends up in the trash after a short time. We want to avoid this by offering sustainable cat toys and sustainable cat products for the Meowmys.



Karina Hollain,
Meowmy with big cat passion
Saint Augustine

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